Or I think about it, but when I come up with something interesting, everone else has gone through three other topics during the conversation.

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shy people problems - YES

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Shy People Problems Tumblr | Shy People Problems - shy-people Photo

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I'm a really really awkward person around people. they start talking to me and I suddenly forget how to speak English :( I hate it

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looks are deceiving...

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This is probably my biggest problem, like my family says I'm hilarious and super nice and then you tell yourself that tomorrow at school you're gonna open up! Then it's tomorrow and you're still eating lunch alone......

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Shy People Problems @RomansDancer I can relate to so many of these

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Shy People Problems Tumblr | Visit shypeople-problems.tumblr.com

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Shy People Problems

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My teacher mrs kupskay was my grd 2 teacher loved me because I didn't talk

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