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I finished the second book of "Hex Hall" and seriously thought I was going to die. xD

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Nerd Girl Problem - Yup. Flashpoint, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and pretty much all the books I read.

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Then when you are telling them it is just for fun they are amazed that anyone would ever want to read for the sheer joy of it

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Nerd Girl Problem 419 - When You Use Your Favorite Insult From Your Favorite Book And The Person Has No Idea They Were Insulted.

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ditto for comic book movies, reboots, and tv shows into movies. (excludes all work of Joss Wedon)

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Positive Quotes Nerd Girl Problems. The book y

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Haha yep. Do this all the time.

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nerd girl problems reading | The Nest – Buying a Home, Money Advice, Decorating Ideas, Easy ...

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Why does it always have to be a "Nerd Girl" problem? Guys like to read, too.

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Don't get me wrong, I love science, but far too many people erroneously believe that being a nerd is limited merely to math and science.

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