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Dzieci otyłych jest coraz więcej. Generuje to nie tylko problemy zdrowotne, ale i społeczne. Kto zatem ponosi za to odpowiedzialność i czy jesteśmy w stanie zmienić nawyki żywieniowe wśród najmłodszych

Dieta i suplementy przy niedoczynności tarczycy i Hashimoto - Forum Medyczne –…

lost depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely eating disorder anxiety alone broken self harm cutting anorexia ana fucked up scars sadness useless bpd

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Do not tell me that I will be okay until you have seen the monsters I battle every time the sun goes down.

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12 Things People Don't Understand About Eating Disorders

They're serious and life-threatening problems. | 12 Things People Don't Understand About Eating Disorders

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Therapy Journal for Mental Health Struggles: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Borderline Personality, Grief, PTSD, Bipolar, Addiction

5 Benefits of Gynostemma AKA. Jiaogulan

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Too many people confuse their serious body image and self hatred issues as having actual eating disorders...An eating disorder is not merely a behavior, a weight, a look, or something you read about and force on yourself-an eating disorder is more than a problem with eating-Its a mental illness (a brain disorder) A person does not wake up one day and choose it-You can't become "anorexic or bulimic" These disorders unintentionally develop over time in certain individuals and its never a…

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5 Best Yoga Asanas For Eating Disorders

Yoga Asanas For Eating Disorders

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