President Snow Mockingjay Instagram - i REALLY hope tomorrow is katniss and peeta

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April Fools, Seneca. This makes me wonder; did Suzanne Collins create the name nightlock from the plant nightshade? Nightshade family plants have little berries like that that contain alkaloids, which are extremely toxic. Oh, a knowledge of plants makes the world more interesting.

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There will be a day when I will scroll past this and not laugh. Today is not that day.

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Hunger Games Quote / Catching Fire / President Snow / Katniss

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Oh, my dear Miss Everdeen, make no mistake, the game isn't over.

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I have a message for President Snow. Fire is catching, and if we burn... You burn with us!

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"Tonight. Turn your weapons to the Capitol."

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The only thing stronger than fear #HungerGames

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This is President Snow, from the Capito. And you're watching Disney Channel.

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Hunger Games 30 Day Challenge. Day 2: Least Favorite Character: President Snow. He is so sadistic and twisted. Everything he does is to hurt others and gain power for himself. I can no longer stand the sight of white roses. He is seriously the creepiest villian I have ever met on the printed page.

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