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jewelry game: Right nostril, septum and teardrop philtrum

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Very pretty, elegant, girly gold philtrum / medusa ring piercing

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Medusa or philtrum piercing More

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My next piercingss !! im also going to get my dimples pierced , my double nose piercing, maybe get a double septum ! Yay i love piercings

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marilynmenascott: I did not pierce Steph’s philtrum or vertical lip, but I…

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Piercing Septum

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Beautiful BVLA studs (Mine is the opal in rose gold (top right) Adore!:

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This is a well healed 14g philtrum piercing (that we didn’t do) that we upgraded to wear this stunning heart shaped opal piece in 18k white gold from Anatometal ^__^ so perfect! @anatometalinc #piercing #piercings #safepiercing...

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Ornate Rose Gold Opal Philtrum Medusa Lip Labret 16g

Ornate rose gold opal philtum/labret jewelry. Usually I hate rose gold, but this is lovely!