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Because it Pete mothefucking wentz

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What a beautiful family

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Hey I'm Ben. I'm a Fallen Angel now currently a demon. I fell with Lucifer since I sided with him. I'm still a follower of Lucifer but I work for Crowley I guess.

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(Pete Wentz screaming kin the distance)

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Where is this from? Plz somebody tell me!!!<<I think it's off of a kids show. I can't remember which one

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Brendon Urie and Pete Wentz. No IM's the middle school fangirl that's within that needs to cool it.

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- Pete Wentz This is my favorite quote in the world! I love how it feels like he's talking about you directly, when it's in general.

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Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy <3 I used to have the BIGGEST crush on him in like 5th grade!

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