Evolution of the Pepsi logo... The last iteration in 2001 was the best IMHO
Bottle Caps:Changes in soft drink logos reflect the
Keep Calm and DRINK PEPSI Poster me is the God of all sodas....I'm not a Coke hater though hahahaha!

CVS: Pepsi Deals

I am definitely in the PEPSI camp (not that I drink much soda any more)
Pepsi, not coke, always and forever...w.
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Pepsi Cupcakes

#Infographic #Infografia Logo evolution of Coke and Pepsi...

COKE VS. PEPSI: The Amazing Story Behind The Cola Wars

Pepsi has struck a deal with the Michael Jackson estate to create a series of soda cans featuring an image of the late pop icon. One billion cans celebrating the 25th anniversary of Jackson's album Bad will be produced around the world as part of the soft drink company's Live for Now campaign.

Michael Jackson to Appear on Pepsi Cans

Pepsi Cool Cans which Pepsi marketed back in the 90s
Pepsi Cola Collectables
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Vintage logo
Lessons From Coca-Cola's Social Media Strategy: Cohesive Campaigns and Creative Content

How Coca-Cola Crushes Social Media

Pepsi Cola 1948