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"Because none of it was ever worth the risk! But you, are, the only exception. "The Only Exception"- Paramore ♥.

HARD TIMES.. GONNA MAKE YOU WONDER WHY YOU EVEN TRY. PARAMORE!  Omg in love this is the best day ever!!

You no I have a lot of confidence issues. This quote is how I feel when I either get a bad grade in something or when I try to do something and I fail makes me wonder why I try if I can't get it right

"...once a whore you're nothing more, i'm sorry, that'll never change. And about forgiveness we're both supposed to have exchanged, i'm sorry honey but i passed it up, now look this way." paramore

Paramore: Misery Business… I used to always give people second chances and it would lead on to third, forth, fiths etc. but, after i hears this song i stopped doing that and it made things easier.

If God's the game that you're playing then we must get more acquainted because it has to be so lonely to be the only one who's holy — Playing God

Playing God by Paramore, the bridge of this song is so good but honestly the song just reminds me that although people accuse you and hurt you, they're also struggling people who in the end are just as insecure and lash out the way you intend to

"Last Hope" - Paramore

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Last Hope: Paramore Martin Martin Graham Okay, I have finally listened to the album. and I am still in love! Once I see them live I will be set for life.

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Let's start, start, hey! Why do we like to hurt so much, oh my do we like to hurt so much?