True Blood- Pam, my favorite character

I may be a therapist but I am off the clock! Come back during office hours. PP:True Blood- Pam, my favorite character

Pam was by far the funniest and overprotective character on the show! Perfect casting

Pam from true blood. She comes out with some classic sayings, with her dry wit and arrogance! Love her, wish I had the balls to always say what's on my mind like she does. My fave TB vamp.

True Blood Season 5 Episode 51 Whatever I Am, You Made Me Preview

Pam Swynford De Beaufort (born turned - Trueblood - Not only sassy as hell also deadly dangerous vampire who is always sporting from the most campy pink outfits to SM latex gear and always manage to looks absolutely perfect and fierce

Blah blah. True Blood.

What. Ever.

20 Fangtastically Funny 'True Blood' Quotes to Make Waiting for Season 6 Suck…

Eric and pam true blood. When he called her  a bitch in a very bitchy way!

Eric & Pam True Blood When he called her a bitch in a very bitchy way!

Pam from True Blood

Pam (True Blood) Kristin Bauer van Straten starring as. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort in True Blood