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Turn Barbie Dolls Into DOCTOR WHO’s Weeping Angels « Nerdist #doctorwho #weepingangels #diy

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Finally a great pattern to copy to make my son's Halloween costume. Yippee!

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the image of an angel is an angel

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Headcanon accepted: That time a 'Doctor Who' weeping angel fell in love<<< I'm going to cry now...

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yup! down my friends street almost every yard has an at least one angel statue. CREEPS ME OUT! i can't NOT watch them...

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You think your job sucks?

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I saw this meme a while ago and according to the most recent episode of Doctor Who it's true!!!

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ACK! Oh the things we Potter-Whovians think of. Mine would be The Weeping Angels or The Silence though. @leeann b b Moreau

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Weeping angels, between them and daleks, they're the most misunderstood creatures lol

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