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"Orka - wieloryb zabójca" - Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling - 1977. 500x332_l5q8ru.jpg (500×332)

"Orka- wieloryb zabójca" - Richard Harris - 1977. 400x250_l5q8rm.jpg (400×250)

Orca Tee

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Rule the oceans with an iron fist while you wear this white hat with a killer whale on the front. Hat is white with a black whale and adjustable strap.

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Also known as the killer whale, the ORCA is found throughout all the world’s oceans, and is believed to be the most widespread mammal species after humans. An intelligent and versatile predator, the orca shows a wide range of different hunting techniques. The orca is a social species, communicating using a variety of screams, clicks and whistles, as well as through physical behaviours such as breaching, slapping the flippers or tail, and ‘spyhopping’ (bringing the head out of the water).

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The big beautiful male killer whale Keiko. He is the only captive killer whale to be released back into the wild. It's so nice that he got to be wild again.

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-Killer whale forms- UPDATED by on @DeviantArt

-Killer whale forms- UPDATED by on @DeviantArt

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Photo of the Day

Picture of orcas hunting herring off the coast of Norway

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Wild orca. Captivity kills. Stop the exploits of greedy entertainment businesses making millions on inbreeding, keeping orcas in small enclosures, drilling their teeth, separating families. Preserve our majestic oceans and sea life! Get the facts!

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