La Traviata, Verdi - Opera Poster

The Singapore Lyric Opera presents a brand-new production of La Traviata , featuring a cast of favourites and new faces. The cast inclu.

Vintage Italian Posters ~ #Italian #vintage #posters ~ Echo Chernik opera poster

We can't wait for Florida Grand Opera's own production of Tosca this spring!

Oh this is a funny way of distinguishing the voice ranges.... they Completely left out "bird people" for the baritone and the soprano parts... -.-

Funny way of distinguishing the voice ranges. They completely left out "bird people" for the baritone and the soprano parts.

Vocal sensations in sopranos and tenors tracked through body.

How to Sing, While Only Slightly Overthinking It

How to Sing: Illustrated Guide by German opera superstar Lilli Lehmann 1902

'[Opera is when] a tenor and a soprano want to make love, and are prevented from doing so by a baritone.' -George Bernard Shaw.

Great link for Fantasy Football timers or ladies who want to know why their men are super-glued to the computer.(hint - it's not porn)

Puccini, La Boheme by Adolfo Hohenstein // vintage opera poster

Puccini, La Boheme

La Boheme, Musica di Puccini Print by Adolfo Hohenstein. Love this opera!