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In the 1600's French trappers noticed colorful horses inhabiting The Palouse River Valley, home to the Nez Perce Indians in Washington and Idaho. The trappers began referring to this type of horse as "a Palousie" which later became Appaloosa. However these little spotted horses came to them, the Nez Perce realized their value for hunting and war in the high plateau country. Long-skilled as dog breeders, the Nez Perce where the first selective breeders of American Appaloosas.


Nez Perce Chief Joseph, 1901. was hard to capture because he had fast horses. The horses were some of the original horses brought over by the Spanish.


Pendleton, Oregon Nez Perce Katie Harris. The Nez Perce Horse is a spotted horse breed of the Nez Perce tribe of Idaho. The Nez Perce Horse Registry (NPHR) program began in 1995 in Lapwai, Idaho and is based on cross-breeding the old-line Appaloosa horses (the Wallowa herd) with an ancient Central Asian breed called Akhal-Teke.


Many places have been named for Chief Joseph, including Chief Joseph Dam on the Columbia River, Chief Joseph Pass in Montana, and at least three schools in the Northwest.


Chief Joseph memorial ( aka Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt, or Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain). A man of supreme courage, honor, and dignity.