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View of Mount Vesuvius & Gulf of Naples, Italy. The Certosa di San Martino is a former monastery complex, now a museum. Along with Castel Sant'Elmo that stands beside it, this is the most visible landmark of the city, perched atop the Vomero hill that commands the gulf. []

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Sail the Amalfi Coast, enjoying the Italian food while admiring some of the most beautiful ruins from the Western Frontier of the ancient Greek empire.

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Napoli (Naples), Campania Region, Italy. The port of Naples is one of the most important in Europe, and has the world's second-highest level of passenger flow, after the port of Hong Kong.

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Marina di Corricella (Napoli, Italy)\ My heritage on my Mom's Side of the family. Gorgeous to visit and see it in person.

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There are magic places in this world. #Naples #Itlay #Passporter

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“ | ♕ | Santa Cniara - Napoli | by © Vittorio Pandolfi | via ysvoice ”

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Castel Nuovo, Napoli I can't say as I love Naples, for the most part, but there are some things worth seeing...mostly the Veiled Christ at Capella Sansevero. And the pizza!

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galleria umberto naples italy

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Marble Staircase Of The Palazzo Reale, Naples (built in 1602)

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The city of Pompeii is a partially buried Roman town-city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania, in the territory of the comune of Pompei. Along with Herculaneum, Pompeii was partially destroyed and buried under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) of ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

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