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Myrtus Communis,Common Myrtle - Μυρτια At The Family Of Myrtaceae. Evergreen shrubs or small trees with aromatic, leathery leaves and solitary, bowl-shaped white flowers followed by fleshy, often edible berries.Native to southern Europe and north Africa.In Greek mythology and ritual the myrtle was sacred to the goddesses Aphrodite Pausanias explains that one of the Graces in the sanctuary at Elis holds a myrtle branch because “the rose and the myrtle are sacred to Aphrodite"

Buy common myrtle / Myrtus communis Myrtus communis - Evergreen shrub with white, fluffy flowers: Delivery by Crocus

Myrtus communis common myrtle Evergreen shrub with white, fluffy flowers. In mid to late summer, this bushy, evergreen shrub is festooned with fragrant, white, fluffy flowers, followed by round, purple-black berries. But it is an asset to the garden all year round, with glossy, pointed leaves that give off a fragrant aroma when crushed and provide a handsome backdrop for other flowering plants.

Buy common myrtle / Myrtus communis Myrtus communis - Evergreen shrub with white, fluffy flowers: Delivery by Waitrose Garden in association with Crocus

Knock-Your-Socks-Off Pink Blooms on a Smaller Tree - Months of bright, hot pink flowers that glow against striking purple-tinted foliage!  This small tree blooms copiously from midsummer to frost, so you get to enjoy the color show for months. The blooms are of an unusually bright pink that draws the eye from a distance, and they really shine...

[My favorite crape myrtle] Pink Velour Crape Myrtle - Lagerstroemia indica for Sale - Brighter Blooms Nursery

Purple Velvet Dwarf Crape Myrtle - Lagerstroemia indica 'Purple Velvet'

We are the oldest nursery in the US that Exclusively grows Crape Myrtles. We are the ORIGINAL inventors of the Patented Miniature Crape Myrtle and have specialized in online sales for over 20 years. Dwarf, Tree & Miniatures Available.

Tonto Crape Myrtle

Tonto Crape Myrtle - slow growing, red blooming variety, achieves a medium height compared to other Crape Myrtles

Follow Proper Pruning Techniques | Pruning of Crape Myrtle | This is the Texas A&M extension website and has lots of additional tips on pruning, training young trees and repairing wounds on trees.  Great source and reference....

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