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Saint Seiya - Rycerze Zodiaku - MITOLOGIA GRECKA - BOGOWIE - Hestia

CHILDREN OF ZEUS AND HERA: Hebe, Ares and Eileithyia sometimes included are: Hephaestus and Eris #myth

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Hera by on @deviantART

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clash of the titans 1981 andromeda - Google Search

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Mitologia grecka i rzymska

Grecka Mitologia

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Modern Day Olympic Pantheon Hermes - Hes a tech with a flair for social media. Hit him up on twitter, tumblr, instagram, you name it. Hell spread the word. Check out the others! Hera, Zeus, and Athena!

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Josephine Wall | Sadness Of Gaia | Josephine Wall |

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Melpomene: Muse of song but with Erato Euterpe also being muses of music Melpomene decided to strike out find her own area to inspire. So Melpomene became the muse of tragedy all things drama. In other words she became the muse inspiration for all drama queens. Melpomene is always shown holding a tragedy mask. A tragedy mask is something that actors would wear while doing tragic plays. Art by José Luis Muñoz Luque

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Olympians: Hermes by on @DeviantArt

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