MIni Lop Bunny - photo from, which is a blog about Mini Lop Rabbits!
White Eared Lilac Magpie Mini Lop | Omg is this bun bun freaking adorable!
How to Care for Mini Lop Rabbits (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Care for Mini Lop Rabbits

Fluffy White Mini-Lop
Reserved Pure Bred Lilac Self Baby Boy Mini Lop - Photo 1
Curated Cutie Collection (200+ Pics) - Album on Imgur

Curated Cutie Collection (200+ Pics)

This. Is. Adorable. This bunny is so fluffy it has to be pronounced "floofy" to describe it's full cuteness.
Mini Lop or Holland Lop Bunny - This little guy is smaller than the toy!

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Little baby bunny!