We made a lot of special modifications ourselves. Fly your very own Millennium Falcon into your phone's charging port and watch it hit light speed - or 100% battery.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable


Make Your Own Millennium Falcon Out Of Paper

[INFOGRAPHIC] Make a Millennium Falcon in origami—Any Star Wars fan will love this infographic: Step-by-step guide to creating an origami Millennium Falco

A nave estelar conhecida como Millennium Falcon, projetada por George Lucas para o Star Wars, foi baseada num formato de hambúrguer.

Spectacular Millennium Falcon Illustration By Paul Johnson

The LEGO Millenium Falcon goes perfectly in an all glass coffee table. It would be perfect for any game or family room. http://bricknerd.com/home/falcon-coffee-table-10-2016

Falcon Coffee Table

Fantastic idea to display a beloved creation in a safe, stylish way! Lego Falcon encased in a coffee table

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Directed by J. Abrams Next edition of VFX magazine Cinefex is covering the visual effects from Episode Hopefully later this year there'll be a proper 'Making of' book as a companion to the 'Art of' book by glazyuk

The Millennium Falcon inside

"Saber the Flavor" of Han and Leia's Rebel wedding planning details

A friend of mine did not understand this

A friend of mine did not understand this

Millennium Falcon – Pirate Ship by David Kennad

Millennium Falcon – Pirate Ship by David Kennedy

A Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) Light Freighter. The most infamous was a highly modified version belonging to Corellian smuggler Han Solo and his Woookiee first mate, Chewbacca.

Millennium Falcon & Slave I - Star Wars - Chris Skinner

This Baby’s Got A Few Surprises Left In Her, Sweetheart by Chris Skinner

Cool Art: 'This Baby's Got a Few Surprises Left in Her, Sweetheart' by Chris Skinner

Millennium Falcon by Christopher Paul. Part of weekly vector inspiration #77

Veckans Inspiration #46 - Blogg

So That's How the Inside of the Millennium Falcon Is Laid Out

So That's How the Inside of the Millennium Falcon Is Laid Out

Crazy cutaway model of the Millennium Falcon takes you inside the Star Wars spaceship