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Word Wall for 8th Grade Math

New Product! Half price until October 5! Color coded word wall cards for 8th grade math. Every card has an example to help students grasp eighth grade math concepts like functions, the number system, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics. The color coding makes it easy to stay organized and identify the different domains. You can even print them smaller and black & white for pasting into interactive journals.

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Eighth Grade Math Homework ENTIRE YEAR } EDITABLE

EIGHTH GRADE Spiral Math Homework, Warm up, or Math Review for the ENTIRE YEAR!! -- 100% EDITABLE -- Aligned with the 8th Grade Common Core Math Standards. ANSWER KEYS included. Paid

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Math "Doodle Notes" for 5th Grade Math Through Calculus (Math Giraffe - The Math Classroom: Blog)

Math "Doodle Notes" for 5th Grade Math Through Calculus

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Graphing Lines & Zombies ~ Slope Intercept Form

Zombies & Graphing Lines sounds like fun! My 8th Grade Math & Algebra students would love this activity!

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8th Grade Math - Bundle #1 - Activities for Interactive Notebooks & More

Start your Math Units or Review with these Engaging visual math tasks and activities to teach your 8th grade math curriculum! Great for Interactive Notebooks, Stations, and More! If you must differentiate with your students there are numerous graphic organizers perfect for Interactive Notebooks and Tiered tasks in the Pythagorean Theorem & Real Number System challenges! Activities for Stations, starters, assessments, interactive notebooks, and more.

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8th Grade Math Warm Ups - STAAR Prep

These STAAR prep warm ups are perfect review for my 8th Grade Math students!


Free Math Assessments or Quizzes for 8th Grade. These 8th Grade Math Quizzes are aligned with the common core math standards. These 8th Grade Math assessments can also be used as quick checks, spiral math review, and progress monitoring.

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Slope and Y Intercept Task Cards

These task cards would be perfect for my 8th Grade Math & Algebra students! I love how so many different skills are covered relating to Slope & Y-Intercept. Determine slope and y intercept from graphs & tables. Understand the difference between proportional and non-proportional graphs & tables. Calculate slope when given two points. Write a corresponding equation in y=mx+b form when given a graph or table