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Europe, 1500 | The (oxymoron) Holy Roman Empire = REICH I |▶ |▶ Teutonic Order (1253 AD) ✠ & Prussia ✠ |▶ "German Empire" (Prussia) first German Unification (1871-1918) = 1/3 POLAND Partitions ! = REICH II => WW I ✠ |▶ REICH III 卐 => WW II, FRG/GDR, wall || REICH IV ? = BRD+GDR 2nd unification after fall of the wall by POLANDs fight for freedom !! THINK EU !! ⇆ | ✍ 151114,1629

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map of europe after treaty of versailles Map After Versailles when Austria-Hungary's Empire was split apart, Germany was shrunk and the Ottoman Empire was reduced to countries no longer and empire.

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wow, that is one cool dungeon map!

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Behind the waterfall.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Behind the waterfall. More

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One of my most requested posts/Videos is about my travel wall and how I made it. So I thought I'd go through it today and tell you exactly how I did it, it is super easy! Trust me, I am not a rocket scientist and I can do it, so you definitely will be able to!

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Mapy. Obrazkowa podróż po lądach, morzach i kulturach świata. - Ryms - kwartalnik o książkach dla dzieci i młodzieży

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This very attractive engraving by William Hole has a design that is based on the work of William Rogers for the smaller sized 1600 printing of Camden's Britannia. Neptune and Ceres flank the central roundel with a map of the British Isles

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The wall

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Map of the First Persian Empire (Achaemenid Empire) around 500 B.C.

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