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a little late, but I'm pinning this just in case. special effects makeup: burn wound. The lipgloss makes it look so gross :P
Special effects makeup by Melissa Llorens <<<< wish id done this with my bipper costume on halloween
This is really sick, but it's a good tutorial for any costume or special effects makeup.

27 Disgustingly Awesome Ways To Take Halloween To The Next Level

Add a mashed up banana to turn a simple cut into an infected cut, especially great for a zombie makeup. Special effects makeup by gorybutlovely on Instagram.
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Special Effects and Body Painting by Julie Tattam,
This is a look we love, we teach similar looks! lets put a smile on that face "Batman"
this would make a good part of cool zombie make up :3

Creative Portraits by Cristina Otero

Infected zombie makeup Halloween makeup Inspo Special effects makeup Artist; @tangledandteasedhair