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Tattooed Disney Characters | Inked Magazine

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Philip Barlow’s Oil Paintings

Looking at Philip Barlow‘s work takes a bit of getting used to, especially in this day of high-definition and hyper-realism. Blurry, hazy, but definitely a familiar sight, probably the best description is found on the artist’s Bio page: “Although he hints at forms and shapes in his work, not all the information is given, therefore allowing the viewer an avenue to create their own stories and meanings.”

Ptasie graffiti na ulicach Sao Paolo | Luis Seven Martins - CzytajNiePytaj - Magazyn Online. Sztuka, Moda, Design, Kultura

Saatchi Online Artist: Pol Ledent; Oil, 2013, Painting "abstract 965943"

Grafika i linie papilarne → Inspiracje → Sztuka Design Architektura → Magazyn Akademia Sztuki

ACNE PAPER – each issue created around one idea


Tadeusz Kulisiewicz - Pełna baza wiedzy na tematy związane ze sztukami wizualnymi - magazyn -

Malarskie tatuaże → Inspiracje → Sztuka Design Architektura → Magazyn Akademia Sztuki