Flat images say nothing for the sweet animations that the Apple team put together. Inspiring dev that makes me think its possible to do badass work on a Apple Mac Pro

This mac pro actually works amazing and I edit and work on this computer for many of my videos and come on Apple + Star Wars = Awesome.

MacPro V 2013 – black Cylinder revolution! Order 2013-12-19! "Can't innovate anymore, my ASS" ships 2014 Feb. Previewed Apple WWDC 2013-06-10. 1st new industrial design in 8 years! Apple's answers to  neglecting MacPro users FB Petition (reached 21797 likes) https://www.facebook.com/MacProsPlease •Competitors remain flummoxed! Just wait for onslaught of copiers & decadent courts defending the criminals.

["According to new information from Sonny Dickson, Apple's connected speaker takes design cues from the Mac Pro and the UE Boom.

Whatever Happened to the Mac Pro?

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Simply beautiful. Mac Pro. Jony Ive. Apple.

Despite the age of this design is before Apple started using Intel chips. The new Mac Pro look needs to grow on me.

Make the most out of your Mac Pro by storing it in this amazingly designed BookArc for Mac Pro by Twelve South.

BookArc for Mac Pro by Twelve South