1964 Lincoln Continental

1964 Lincoln Continental

1964 Lincoln Continental Custom with 723 hp {Hot Rod Lincoln} Suicide Doors ! Look up Justin Bieber (yes that idiot punk kid) has a new matte black CTS-V Cadillac customized with Suicide doors. He is an idiot is car is cool.

If you haven't checked them out-need to catch their new show on NBCSports called "Mobsteel" great show, awesome dudes, amazing builds, clean fun show.

1963 Lincoln Continental by Mobsteel with AccuAir suspension and Detroit Steel Wheel Co.

theTHROTTLE: High Quality Photos of modified Lincoln Continental : theTHROTTLE

Dirty Friday: 1969 Lincoln Continental (14 HQ Photos)

1967 Lincoln Continental **CUSTOM** FACTORY SUICIDE DOORS, image 1

1967 Lincoln Continental - SUICIDE DOORS {Lori had this one as well; LOVE them suicide doors; on all my Lincolns, from 1964 to

1965 Lincoln Continental...nice Lincoln for my buddy M. Palumbo...and hot rod girl M.P...

nice Lincoln for my buddy M.and hot rod girl U.

1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible width=

1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible with "Suicide Doors". Most side collisions will kill those on that side of the vehicle at a minimum.