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Easy builds with LEGO® DUPLO® - Articles - Family

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Simple Lego Duplo animals

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Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get creative with your little one, using their favorite crafts, materials and toys! Find some fun ideas here:

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LEGO Duplo Animals to Build

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Butterflies are beautiful! But they can also help you and your preschooler explore the notion of change and transformation. Find out how you can build one together:

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LEGO Duplo bazar Duplí > Home

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Lego Duplo Dinosaur Lego duplo tyrannosaurus rex

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LEGO Duplo Animals to Build

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On paper, children should be petrified of dinosaurs. In reality, they are OBSESSED. T. rex is a case in point. Ferocious, enormous and harnessing some real anger issues, he’s not an obvious candidate for a toy. But because he’s long gone, and poses absolutely no threat whatsoever, kids love him. Being extinct sure has made the T. rex more likeable.

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Penguins are amazing! And can help brighten up a grey November day - why not help your toddler create their very own waddling friend? Check out our building instructions here:

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