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Transmutacje: 22. Sznurkowe opowieści - lasy deszczowe

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Rain Forest - Animals of the Amazon

Rain Forest - Animals of the Amazon. Unit study and minibooks.


Learning About the Water Cycle | The Happy Housewife | Nature’s Water Purification System In our homes, we might have water filters or buy filtered water. Municipalities have water treatment facilities that clean sewer water before releasing water back into nature. These facilities and filters clean water by removing harmful substances and leaving pure water behind. Nature has it’s own water purification system. It is called the water cycle.


Monkey frog in Peru, Owl butterfly in the Amazon, Shoebill in Uganda, infant lowland gorilla in gabon, green python in Borneo

AUSTRALIA: Lasy Deszczowe Gondwana, Australia - 510 tys. odwiedzających rocznie

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Rain Forest - Amazon

Rain Forest Amazon unit study

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Rainforest Lapbook

The tropical rainforest is a fascinating topic for a homeschool unit study! Just the botany and zoology alone could take weeks to cover. There are also the history of the rainforest, the indigenous peoples of the rainforest, and the economy of the...