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Rhodochrosite - N'Chwaning I Mine, N'Chwaning Mines, Kuruman, Kalahari manganese field, Northern Cape Province, South Africa Size: 3.2 cm


Fluorite with Smoky Quartz - Zinggenstock, Grimsel, Haslital, Berner Oberland, Switzerland Size: 14.7 x 10.5 x 8.5 cm

Cavansite stalactite with Stilbite, Wagholi Quarry, near Pune, Maharashtra Province, India, Miniature, 4.7 x 1.5 x 1.4 cm, Stacked clusters of lustrous and translucent, rich neon blue cavansite, to 1.5 cm across, have formed a stalactite-like growth., For sale from The Arkenstone, For more details on this piece and others, visit

Rhodochrosite. N'Chwaning Mine, Kuruman, Northern Cape Prov., South Africa Photo Anton Watzl

Gartrellite on Carminite from Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia


Parapuzosia seppenradensis is the largest known ammonite. This specimen found in Germany measures 1.8 m (5.9 ft) in diameter,

Smoky Quartz on Aquamarine with Feldspar. Locality: Dassu, Haramosh Mountains, North of the Skardu Road, Gilgit Division, Northern Areas, Pakistan. Credit:: saphiraminerals