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thelunarchroniclesbooks: Join in on The Lunar Chronicles Ship Week hosted by Get started creating your masterpieces! It all begins December 21st! tlcshipweeks: Welcome to the first ever THE LUNAR CHRONICLES SHIP WEEKS! tlcshipweeks official blog | Questions? | more information In anticipation of the next book, TLC Ship Weeks will take place from December 21, 2014 to January 24, 2015, the 5 weeks before the release of FAIREST. HOW TO PARTICIPATE Submit any ...

My Idea for the "Design a Sticker" Contest from Marissa Meyer :)

By Sara: This is for the bookmark contest and I think it's beautiful and this is EXACTLY how I imagined the beautiful princess Winter.

The lunar chronicles cast by sorcaron on deviantart

Winter Bookmark Contest entry by Ellie. Let me stuff down my feels for a moment and just be coherent: I love the dramatic lines and expression of this artwork - how these two princesses look up at different skies, and it is simply beautiful. This bookmark really expresses what I feel the root of Book 4 is, and it embodies everything that I feel when I think of it. I can FEEL the revolution approaching.

My entry for The Lunar Chronicles sticker design contest! Because who doesn't love stickers and The Lunar Chronicles, right? I designed my sticker to get people curious. I chose to make it somewhat mysterious and Levana-based, because I feel like her character would easily get people intrigued with the series. Best of luck to all Lunartics who entered! (Art drawn by Katryn Relleve on August 12th 2014, using Sketchbook Mobile. Lunar Chronicles blog:…

My design for Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles Bookmark contest

Why is there only 4? WHY?!?! A titles-pin using various fonts. I used the same "Cinder" appearance as in my stand-alone pin, but chose 2 fonts to better emphasize the Big Bad Wolf theme in Scarlet. I used Harrington for Cress because of its curls and loops, which remind me of hair. And for Winter, I chose Angelic War because of its elegance and old-world look, though it does look a bit frayed (which was deliberate).

The lunar chronicles if you haven't read them, you are nothing!...please read them their great!:)