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The noobs auto furnace. I use one of these, but with about 6 furnaces.

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Beautiful Minecraft creation - this gave me an idea of a hanging house that looks like this (but I don't have time for the huge tree and stuff but ya know ;) )

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LetsLente's huge, utterly beautiful "Oriental Minecraft Dreamscape."

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Circle Chart

Make circles in Minecraft!

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How To Make Hand Island Minecraft Blog

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Petra Minecraft World Save==== The story of Petra amazes was there one minute..gone the next.

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best minecraft creations | This is top 5 minecraft creations

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Middle Earth brought to life in Minecraft.

Art class can collaborate with literature. These replicas of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings were inspired by the movies, but a similar project could be done with other books.

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A dam in Minecraft built from white wool or quartz blocks. Дамбе сделана из белой шесть или кварцевые блоки.

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If you know a lot about Minecraft this is hard to make!!! I would love to make it but it seems too hard.

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Minecraft creations rage comics

Rage minecraft creation

Minecraft creations rage comics

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minecraft AWESOME CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!! More

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Medieval Bundle minecraft pack ideas 6

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The player who built this tree house may have wanted an actual tree in real life but he made it possible in the game of Minecraft.

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I could totally make this More

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Diocias Dragon Eggs Viewing Room Very Cool Minecraft Very Cool Rooms Chicago…

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herobrine-minecraft-drawingdeviantart--more-like-minecraft-herobrine-statue-by-kk4bjrt4.png (667×690)

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Awesome Minecraft creations. / iFunny :)

Awesome Minecraft creations. / iFunny :)

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