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Koty perskie

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Kocilla*PL, hodowla kotów Perskich, koty Perskie

One of my most favourite breed's, although the breeders have allowed them to be too inbred, so my current Himilayan has trouble breathing and seeing!!!!!!!!!Himilayan Persian Cat for a pet

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** "Please stops usin' de words 'flat face' evens tho it be true. We haz lottsa sinus problems cuz of hows we wuz selective bred, soes beez kind."

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british longhair

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Photo chat de race Persan, Evangéline Des Fleurs De Sakura -

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mistfire she cat clever strong brave fats runner most cats thinks she is weird because she can swim in water great hunter and fight wants a mate and kits

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Beautiful Persian cat, Mr. Lion (by 生きる)

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Chinchilla Persian... Watched the fancy feast commercial lol I know but I loved the cat on it and want one like it :P

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Chinchilla persian

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20+ Persian Cat Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart!

Beautiful White Persian Cat |

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20+ Persian Cat Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart!

Black And White Persian Kitten |

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Koty perskie Private Collection

CATS IN THE ENLIGHTENMENT (Part 5 - Poems and Epitaphs for Deceased Cats) - THE GREAT CAT

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Three White Persian Cats Watching a Bug Private Collection