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K Project. What is this? It looks cool... I want to watch this, I think. More

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Yatogami Kuroh & Isana Yashiro (from "K" (K Project)

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Yatogami Kuroh | K Project #anime

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Yata Misaki | K Project ♛the sexiest anime guy of all time

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Misaki Yata, HOMRA, Red Clan - K Project, Anime Picture by Yuumei, a wonderful artist!

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K Project one of the most make you fall in love and then have you curled up on the floor cryign shows ever.

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K~K PROJECT, Shitajiki/Pencil Board, SUOH, MUNAKATA, Anime, Official

K Project - Suoh Mikoto and Munakata Reishi - Official Art

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K Return of Kings

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K project, homra << litterally my favorite anime this year. I want to be a member of homra. Not bc of their powers or shit, but because I,ve never seen a solidarity like that. Their link are stronger and thicker than blood, it is amazing.

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Kuroh isn't quite sad, but he's not quite the happiest person either. He's a junior detective and often wears an expressionless face while on the job, and most everyone else. Good luck getting to him to show who he really is.

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