Denim Flower from Cztery Kąty - use 3-4 cm strip of denim; sew a running stich along one long edge; gently and evenly gather the fabric, forming the flower; sew through the flower to secure fabric in place; apply to your pillows, favourite jeans, etc.
I covet this mirrored tiles
How You Can Decorate The Empty Corners In Your Home - 15 Cool Ideas
Zestaw dwóch  skrzyń na zabawki - "Lisie kąty" w NOBOBOBO na
A blog about bohemian women's fashion, home decor, interior decorating, and the boho lifestyle at Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Outfitters
What if I could show you how you can begin to own your own dream home. Are you the right person for this offer?
GREAT Common Core Worksheet site!!!!
Плетение из газетных трубочек: Приспособление для удобства, ровный угол, ровное п...
Cześć i czołem :)      Gdy za oknem robi się szaro i buro,    wówczas wyjątkową dbamy o odpowiednią atmosferę w domu.   Nasze cztery kąty...
It's snowing angles! Identify acute, obtuse, and right angles in a free printable and make a popsicle stick snowflake!
Kleine Wohnung einrichten - die besten Tricks für wenig Platz!
Combine Math and Art in this fun activity your students are sure to love. This package contains assignment sheets to meet the Grade 4, 5 and 6 Ontario 2D Geometry expectations. A rubric for each Grade is also included.