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You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise

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Free e-course on Regenerative Agriculture by Joel Salatin

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Folks, This Ain't Normal. Joel Salatin. Local food, permaculture, real food.

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Another Joel Salatin book about encouraging your family and children to love the farm and where their food comes from.

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“A massive THANK YOU to all the fine folks we met in Sydney + Melbourne at Joel Salatin's You Can Farm masterclasses this weekend. Good growing and gentle…”

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Salatin-style pasture chicken farming. Look at that grass regrowing!

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Pastured Poultry Joel Salatin Chicken Tractor Plans

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Purchasing and Managing Pastured Pigs - Homesteading and Livestock

"Purchasing and Managing Pastured Pigs" Have you ever considered working with Pastured Pigs? It can be a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Tim Rohrer talks about some of the things that he learned while managing the Pastured Pigs at Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm, and shares a few things to consider before purchasing some pigs of your own. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS

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Joel Salatin...Christian, Libertarian and self described "Lunatic Farmer" <3 him!!!

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Joel Salatin on Food Sovereignty

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Joel Salatin Webinars - pastured pigs

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Joel Salatin Talks About Just DOING It

Joel Salatin Talks About Just DOING It

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Joel Salatin's chicken feed recipes

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Inside Polyface Farm, Mecca of Sustainable Agriculture

Joel Salatin Polyface Farm- from the Omnivore's Dilemma

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Did you know that thanks to industrial monoculture crops in the American heartland, the United States has lost half of its topsoil since 1960? That we continue losing it 17 times faster than nature can create it? Did you also know that a intensively-managed rotational grazing model like the one Joel Salatin promotes can BUILD topsoil at an astonishing inch per year?

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A day with Joel Salatin on Polyface Farm

A day with Joel Salatin on Polyface Farm | The Urban Ecolife

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Polyface 101: Learn to Farm with Joel Salatin ‘The Polyface Primer’ series will teach you how to raise pigs—and more—in the comfort of your living room.

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10 Reasons Why you need to remember the name Joel Salatin

10 Reasons Why you need to remember the name Joel Salatin | Weed'em & ReapWeed'em & Reap

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Joel Salatin Talks Fence - YouTube - low tech fencing idea

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Joel Salatin: debt-free farming for beginners

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