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POST MORTEM – Hedendaagse fotografie

The Kiss (Le Baiser), New Mexico, is an image of a single autopsied head that’s been sliced in half down the middle, and posed as two separate beings locked in a kiss. [image by Joel-Peter Witkin]

Joel-Peter Witkin

Woman once a Bird (La femme qui fut oiseau), Los Angeles, 1990 Joel-Peter Witkin

Joel Peter Witkin is an American photographer. His work often deals with such themes as death, corpses, and various outsiders such as dwarfs, transsexuals, hermaphrodites, and physically deformed people

Joel-Peter Witkin, born 1939 in New York, is an American photographer. He is known for his startling and provocative images. His work centers around corpses, body parts and people with physical.

Joel Peter Witkin: Portrait of Clemence L., 2002

Joel Peter Witkin: Portrait of Clemence L., 2002 - The World is Not Enough

Joel Peter Witkin: Las Meninas by tomatelá! 18 abril - 13 junio, 1988

hideous beauty & grotesque realism by Joel-Peter Witkin *** Las Meninas , 1987 Woman with Severed Head , 1982 Woman once a Bird ,

joel peter witkin

Joel-Peter Witkin: Macabre Tableaux