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this right here is why i love jennifer lawrence

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Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Hunger Games Humor / Fox Face / Peeta / Katniss

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30 Funny Hunger Games Quotes

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funny Katniss Peeta Hunger Games on imgfave

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Lol haha funny / Hunger Games Humor / Peeta / Katniss

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You should have gone when we were at bathroom Katniss. That reminds me, did the tributes even go to the bathroom? Like when Katniss was with rue, she'd say one second and she walks behind a tree and pees. And when the careers were waiting on Katniss. How would she be able to stand it??? She probably cut down the tracker jacket nest because she had to crap so bad!!!

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This shocked me and I was like "how dare you!" But at the same time it's so funny and I can't shame it

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Hunger games was out first!

Hunger games was out first!

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Love the Hunger Games cast! :) lol I can't stop laughing!!!!!! I wonder who he pictured as peeta

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Gales face XD-Whats ur fav bread.Peeta :3 YOLO

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