20 HR Metrics Infographic

Out of more than seventy HR metrics, the company may focus on just these twenty most common HR metrics to help your company identify areas for improvement.

Useful to know how the social aspect of workplace can employees in all stages of their employment. It helps HR to understand and analyze employees and manage them.

Putting social in HR

Putting Social HR in Its Place: the Employee Lifecycle Infographic. Embed code below for use on your site. Embed this Image on Your Site: The "Putting Social HR in Its Place: The Employee Lifecycle.

How Human Resources SHOULD use social media. What I experience there is not enough  focus on this.

The trends in recruiting are pointing towards the use of social media in the recruitment process. This infographic from BLR shows how your companies HR department can use Social Media to its advantage.

Making an HR Plan, by the HR Trend Institute (http://hrtrendinstiute.com)

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