#Homestuck for you...THE LAST ONES XD

Homestuck Horns reasoning for existing. Oh gog xD Anyone with troll horns better watch out because I be touching all the horns

#Homestuck - John, Rose, Dave, and Jade.

ikimaru: "well I believe it all is coming to an end, oh well I guess we’re gonna pretend, let’s see how far we’ve come!

I do this aaalllllll the time with my best friend.I am taller so I just sort of lean down on her boobs. Being the tall one with reason and common sense is a trouble.

all kids alpha kids beta kids crossover dave strider dirk strider eyeshot jade harley jake english jane crocker john egbert no glasses persona rose lalonde roxy lalonde shin megami tensei

I love how Daves loking at Jade as she struggles to reach her toes like  Dave: come on harley you've only got like a fucking inch to go Jade: Shut up Dave I'm trying

This is funny even if I'm not in this fandom yet<<THOSE FRIGGIN SHORTS (homestuck is awesome you need to be in this fandom

homestuck, there is no inbetween

homestuck, there is no inbetween<< true

*panics bc idk what board to pin this to; internal screaming*

Don't forget star wars, star trek, that scene in young avengers, doctor who.<only pinning cuz of that

White shirts with red sleeves are just. They're just Dave Strider shirts. That's all. Go home. They belong to the Homestuck fandom now.

White shirts with red sleeves are just. They're just Dave Strider shirts. I NEED a Dave Strider shirt!

Now that all the kids have hit god tier, it’s time for overly-colourful tribute fanart. Also JOHN EGBERT IS MY LOVE