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The Battle of Lechfeld (10 August 955) was a decisive victory for Otto I the Great, King of East Francia, over the Hungarian harka Bulcsú and the chieftains Lél and Súr. It is often seen as the defining event in the repulsion of the Hungarians' incursions into Western Europe.

The Battle of Ramillies, fought on 23 May 1706, was a battle of the War of the Spanish Succession. For the Grand Alliance – Austria, England, and the Dutch Republic – the battle had followed an indecisive campaign against the Bourbon armies of King Louis XIV of France in 1705.

The Battle of Nyborg (November 14, 1659) was a battle fought between Sweden and the combined forces of Denmark, Dutch naval forces under Michiel de Ruyter, troops of Brandenburg-Prussia, and Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth forces under Stefan Czarniecki. Result: Allied victory

The process of recovery of treasure from a sunken galleon, XVIII century.

Map of Europe 900 A.D.


"King Henry's cavalry defeats Magyar raiders at Riade, 933", Wayne Reynolds

Fantástico castillo y residencia de los reyes de la época medieval Alcazar de Segovia Spain