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My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way

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Gerard Way’s Astrological Profile

[ FC:: THE CUTEST THING IN EXISTENCE ] "'Ello there, friend. My name is Levi. I'm a musician from London, England."

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The evolution of Gerard Way. Ghost of You and Desolation Row are my favorite looks.

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Gerard Way<3 will never forget the first time I saw MCR in concert... lost my voice :]

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Gerard Way/ Black & White... Youre join to think me insane but Im insanely attracted to his look and his different teeth! He makes my panties heavy...

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Gerard Way definitely has a Sinter-ish look going on, and of course can do a thousand and one great things with eye makeup

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"It's okay to be messed up because there are five dudes that are just as messed up as you." - Gerard Way

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Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance. I can't sleep so I might as well look at pictures of Gerard Way and Patrick Stump.

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As hilarious as he was when he was drinking and taking pills, I'm so glad he's over that now <3

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Gerard Way - gerard-way Photo

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