Gel overlay

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Acrylic overlay on short nails ~ the shape is perfect. I like the color too.
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Perfectly Polished: DIY Simple U.V Gel Overlay Nails at home Series! French Manicure Gel Nails
This perfect display of glitter glam. For this set the artist used pastel pink, blue, and yellow glitter. In addition, she also used little bits of white holographic glitter from young nails. The stars are super thin and sheer, but they looked white in the package.  All the glitter is inlayed in the hard gel overlay, so they look all floaty and magical! Inlay process: put down clear first and sprinkly in some glitter before curing. The glitters are sandwiched between layers of hard gel :)

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Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat
Acrylic nails with shellac overlay
Bio Sculpture gel French overlays