Garth Williams

The Cricket in Times Square, by George Selden and illustrated by Garth Williams. I love all of Garth Williams illustrations, he did Charlotte's Web, the Frances books, and Margery Sharpe's Miss Bianca.

Bedtime for Francis. Garth Williams illustration.

Francis and her parents from the wonderful "Bedtime for Francis" by Russell Hoban, illustrated by Garth Williams Absolutely perfect.

"Wait Till the Moon Is Full" by Margaret Wise Brown with pictures by Garth Williams - published 1948

From Wait til the moon is full" one of my favorite childhood books, Raccoon and his mom

(Garth William, Little House in the Big Woods)

this illustartion was one of my earliest loves (Garth William, Little House in the Big Woods)

my vintage book collection (in blog form).: The Tall Book of Make-Believe - illustrated by Garth Williams

Illustration, The Tall Book of Make-Believe' ~ by Jane Werner, illustrated by Garth Williams

Garth Williams - Little House in the Big Woods #illustration #garthwilliams

Garth Williams - Little House in the Big Woods illustration Garth Williams

Garth Williams-Little House on the Prairie I LOVED these illustrations. I don't think the books would have been half as good without them.

Garth Williams Little House illustrations: Laura watching molasses candy being made on snow, Mary churning butter (both in Little House in the Big Woods), and the family watching Mr. Edwards dancing to Pa's fiddling in Little House on the Prairie.