Making Extended Crochet Stitches is really very easy and they have 2 primary benefits. 1 They raise the stitch up in case your rows don't match gauge. 2 They straighten out long stitches.

With Extended Crochet you can solve leaning stitches or, in filet crochet, squishy blocks. You don’t need to add rows to add a little length, or change filet crochet patterns to get a square.

101 Filet Crochet Charts - birds, squirrel, hen, bunny

101 Filet Crochet Charts - birds, squirrel, hen, bunny I would like to try this but with tunisian color changes into a scarf

The best tutorial I have found for learning how to filet crochet!  Includes great pictures and clear instructions, plus videos!

Filet Crochet Techniques Learn How to Read Filet Crochet Patterns & Charts. Adding at beginning and end of a row

How to Figure the Starting Chain for Filet Crochet

Learn the Basics of Filet Crochet using both 3dc and 4dc techniques

Learn how to read filet crochet charts and create open and solid mesh blocks in both and blocks.

Free Filet Crochet Charts and Patterns: Filet Crochet Fleur De Lis

Filet Crochet Fleur De Lis Pattern by Teresa Richardson Chain Chain 3 to to turn which will count as the first double .