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Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. hes actually cute, alot scene guys hide their faces so much that you cant tell whether theyre hot or not

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Avery is my favorite human. I don't know why, but I find myself talking to him more that the others.

Imagine him taking a picture of you surprisingly and putting it on his wall.

Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. I love it when dudes have this Hipster kind of hair. Its amazingly cute!

Hi I'm Pandora.i don't go like people much and I LOOOOVE 17 and best friends are Netflix,YouTube and fanfiction.

Maybe an Emo boy is what I need. Someone who knows what it feels like and a boy that doesn't even need to ask why I'm crying. I want an emo bf

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((open rp, be him)) I walked out side to find my boyfriend sitting there. We had a fight yesterday when he found out I was suicidal and self harming.

I'm considered emo (although, like all labels, I hate that label) so yeah, I can say this is true.

do you think being emo is really about wearing black, being gloomy, listening to sentimental songs all day long and cutting wrists?

Just remember guys."emo" is just emotinal , its not bad. I'm emo, but I DO want to kill people and I do hate everyone

That guitar!<3 lol the guitar is kinda hot too!!:p lol I wanna black acoustic though!<3

Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. That guitar! lol the guitar is kinda hot too!:p lol I wanna black acoustic though!

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Emo hairstyles/ Emo hair cuts or men / Emo hot hairsyles / Emo coloured hairstyles / Fashion emo hairstyles / Hairstyles for men/ Funky Hairstyles / Sexy hairstyles for men ((gud young radri))

I find Tattoos, Piercings, band tees, poetry, art and a lot more thing attractive and guys so dont judge me you idiot

Forget "swag" let's drop out of school and start an emo band . Like hells yea

Indie/Scene/emo guys ️. ️ ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring people, boys, guys, backgrounds y hair

I'm 18 yeah pretty young but I'll get you the world if ya want sweet heart *winks* I am liking for a princess or baby girl to spoil because I'm a pretty go Dom when it comes to you princess. Hit me up if you want to chill