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What Really Happened to the Princes in the Tower?

Edward and Richard were the young children of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville in the 15th century. Edward V stood to take the throne but both princes were considered illegitimate after an Act from Parliament saying Edward IV and Elizabeth's marriage was invalid and Richard III took the throne in his nephew's place. Both boys were never seen again after 1483. Years later, small skeletons were found underneath the stairs of the chapel in the White Tower, the main keep of the Tower of London.


Elizabeth Woodville Queen of Edward IV, mother of Elizabeth of York, and maternal grandmother of Henry VII close to end of war of the roses, mother of the 2 princes in the tower


Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of Edward IV; mother of Elizabeth of York, whose marriage to Henry VII joined the Lancaster and York factions and founded the Tudor dynasty.


Elizabeth Woodville: Marriage to Edward IV.And then she met Edward. The story goes that Elizabeth heard he was in the neighborhood near her castle at Grafton, so she waited for him beneath a tree now known in Northamptonshire as “the queen’s oak,” with her two sons. When he arrived she begged him to restore their lands and he was love-struck. Of course, Edward, the playboy that he was, did not actually want to marry Elizabeth and she did not want to settle for anything less. Playing hard ...


Family tree of Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV. Their daughter, Elizabeth of York, was Henry VIII's mother. Woodville was also mother to the famous "Princes in the Tower," both of whom are widely believed to have been murdered by their uncle, Richard III, so that they could never inherit the throne. Richard III was killed during the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 by Henry VI (Henry VIII's father), thus ending the Plantaganent dynasty and spawning the Tudor dynasty.

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Elizabethan Clothing

Elizabeth of York (1466 - 1503). Wife of Henry Vll. Queen from 1486 - 1503. Mother of Arthur of Wales, Henry VIII, Margaret Tudor, and Mary Tudor. Her marriage to Henry VII ended the war of the roses. She was forced to share the role of queen with her mother-in-law, Margaret Beaufort.


Jaquetta of Luxemburg, Jaquetta Woodville mother of the "White Queen."


The chapel where Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville were married.| Church of St Mary the Virgin, Grafton Regis | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Melusina, said to be the founder of the house of Luxembourg, I.E. jaquetta woodville, duchess of Bedford and mother to Elizabeth Woodville.

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Where the Tudor Red-Gold Hair came from

A legendary beauty, Elizabeth Woodville was the first child of Sir Richard Woodville (later the first Earl Rivers) and Jaquetta of Luxembourg. She was a maid of honour to Margaret of Anjou. Her first marriage was to Sir John Grey of Groby (died in battle 1461). She secretly married King Edward IV of England in April 1464, and was crowned Queen in May 1465. My 15th great grandmother.