The Cell (2000)

Gary Oldman,Monica Bellucci, Michaela Bercu, and Florina Kendrick in Bram Stoker's Dracula by Ford Coppola, 1992 Eiko Ishioka - Costume Design

Mirror Mirror Some amazing costume by Eiko Ishioka                                                                                                                                                                                 More

philip treacy headdress for madonna's super bowl performance

Eiko Ishioka's Costumes

Lily Collins as Snow White in her yellow cloak. 'Mirror Mirror' Costume Designer: Eiko Ishioka I luv her dress.

“ Chushingura Directed by Werner Herzog, Sets and Costume design by Eiko Ishioka Above: Kimonos designed by Eiko for the prostitute characters. As the costume and set designer, Eiko brought her.

Eiko Ishioka's Costumes

Eiko Ishioka The Fall

Oscars 2017: The Academy's picks for best costume design

'Mirror, Mirror' - The Queen, played by Julia Roberts. Costume Designer: Eiko Ishioka Julia Roberts's evil queen is absurdly extravagant, and her costumes vividly express her avaricious nature. Roberts was a delight in this film.

Titanic : La folle théorie sur la vraie identité de Jack

Photos: The work of late costume designer Eiko Ishioka