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Color Your Feelings: This activity encourages feeling identification, is quick, highly versatile and fits well with the affect regulation component of TF-CBT. • Have your client write out a list of...

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30 Games, Activities and Printables to Teach Emotions to Young Kids

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Teaching kids how to express/deal w feelings. Doesn't have to be scary. Good for adults too! Check out The Play Lady blog for therapeutic play activities.

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Joyful Learning In KC: Writing Workshop Showing not Telling

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If you're looking for free printable kids' games, you'll love this Emotions Bingo game inspired by the movie Inside Out. It's a great way to get young kids talking about emotions!

Printable Kids Games: Emotion Bingo Inspired by Inside Out

If you're looking for free printable kids' games, you'll love this Emotions Bingo game inspired by the movie Inside Out. It's a great way to get young kids talking about emotions!

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This worksheet is from my Exploring Emotions BUNDLEIt encourages students to explore all of the facial features as our emotions change.If you have any concerns or queries please contact me.For latest products, product updates, teaching ideas and more...

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FREE Printables and Activities on Feelings and Emotions

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Dealing With Difficult Emotions: The Candy Game

Feelings Game - Skittles

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Children's Books about Feelings to Help Your Child

Feelings can be overwhelming for kids, especially when they don't yet know what they are. Help your child with these 23 children's books about feelings

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Everything you need to teach all about feelings for back to school --feeling posters/cards (big & small), feeling photographs, feeling wheels, feeling graphs, feeling writing paper, and tons of feelings activities you can do in your early childhood classroom.

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Feelings/Emotions Games

Engaging games to help students learn more about their feelings and emotions and how to express them appropriately!

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Emotions Color Wheel - Description: This activity is good to break the ice with any client. It is also an easy “check-in” to find out how the client is feeling and the issues he/she is dealing with at this time in his/her life. After creating a pie chart with 8 sections, the client gets to choose 8 emotions and then color in the pie pieces.

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Mindfulness Activities

Help kids and young adults practice mindfulness to help promote happiness, attention, and emotional control. Mindfulness activities include listening to music, coloring, making crafts, and much more. Activities are specifically tailored to kids and young adults.

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Bean bag feelings game: great for talking about feelings in an active way. Use faces instead of words for preschoolers.

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great ideas for identifying and expressing feelings

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More than Half a Dozen Feelings Activities for Young Children #parenting #ece

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First we read the book, then I made charade cards for each feeling represented in the book (my client was little but, with older clients you can have them draw with you). Then we placed them in a bag, pulling them out and played the game as usual. I allowed my client (again, a little one) go through the book and find the picture to match what I was representing (and vice-versa).

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Emotions in Our Bodies Activity: This interventions works best with clients who are experiencing somatic symptoms due to intense emotions that they are denying or holding in (ex.a boy who says his father’s death doesnt bother him who gets stomach aches). Make sure you have established a relationship with the client and you feel this activity is clinically indicated before attempting.

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Best Parent Resources to Teach Kids About Feelings

Ways to Teach Kids About Feelings -Subscribe to Life's Learning's blog at: Facebook for Counselors: Twitter: @sapelskog. Facebook for Everyone:

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Family game night. M&Ms Feelings Activity - Adapt for R.S. Valentine Party (i.e. - One thing you love about your hubby, etc.) Keep positive!

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Beautifully sliced fruit as...Sushi? Yep, it's called "Frushi" and makes for a surprising and delightful spread.

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Printable Emotions Mix-Up Game

Use these printable emotions dice for speaking and feelings vocabulary practice in any language, including French!

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The Way I Feel... Activity- Great for teaching feelings in the moment of a behavior...stop and take a minute to draw your feeling, then reflect back on it.

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Inside Out Teaching Emotions Activities-Social Skills & Autism

Disney Pixar Inside Out inspired Teaching Emotions craft & Activities. LOVE the idea with the paint chips and words to visual for kids who need help describing how they feel. Perfect asperger's / autism tool and social skills group idea.

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