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How to Survive Your First Dragon*Con...want to go someday, so pin now, read later.

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Sherlock 221B Baker Street Cosplay! (check out the little skull on her headband!) [EPBOT: The Best Cosplay of Dragon Con 2014, Pt 2]

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EPBOT: Dragon Con 2015: The Best Cosplay, Pt 1

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Insaneulous (Insane/Ridiculous) Effie Trinket Cosplay

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Tengo que hacer esto algun dia

Frenemy Cosplay: Dragon*Con Survival Guide, 2011

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Yes, Matt Smith.. yes it would

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Dragon Con 2014

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Dragon*Con Parade 2012, #Atlanta

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Lord of the Rings group - Dragon*Con 2014

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I dressed as 11 for dragon con and used the British accent and soniced people with the screwdriver (yes I'm a girl but who cares)

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Vision | Dragon Con 2015 Más

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Maleficent - Malefica

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Awesome Skyrim Draugr [EPBOT: The Best Cosplay of Dragon Con 2014, Pt 6]

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Hahahaha hella yes. I'm going to Dragon Con as Signless and I may just have to pose like this just because. Is it bad that when I updated my Signless cosplay I bought these pants like literally this style????? I am not ashamed. Sufferer needed swag

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Daedra (Elder Scrolls: Skyrim) | Dragon*Con 2013

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I love the armature masks: all the effect with none of the pesky claustrophobia/vision obstruction! The Best Cosplay of Dragon Con 2014, Pt 4 via EPBOT

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Other people my age: 'I got my dream job!' 'I just got married!' 'I'm going to work in Brazil!' 'I bought my first house!' Me: 'I'm going to Dragon Con cosplaying a grouchy troll!' #karkalicious #homestuck Karkat Vantas

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James and Lily

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Linduras mías vengan con mamá ♥

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Meet John Rhys-Davies at #FANX17!

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Jedi Disney Princesses! [EPBOT: Dragon Con '13: The Best Cosplay, Part 2!]

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