Loud truck humor   #landmarkautoinc

Damn the Consequences

Loud truck humor , mine ant that loud tho, but of i rev her up a bit shes loud.



One BAD Kenworth ----> Want more? Follow me at http://www.pinterest.com/TruckSchoolInfo/ where you'll find more than 32,000 pictures & videos of hot sexy babes!

Thank you to the 1978 Movie Convoy,(that song tho)🙃.for making my love for 18 wheelers even stronger. This is a Kenworth Truck BTW.

Diesel tip stopping mid sentence to look at a truck

Diesel tip stopping mid sentence to look at a truck<< guilty as charged. Do this all the time

Lifted Dodge Ram Trucks I don't drive a diesel but I haul ass everywhere

I'm sure you do in the truck your mom and dad bought you with your buckle jeans, flat bill, and un-scuffed boots you suburban ass fuck

1960 B model Mack Diesel Truck Semi Tractor for sale: photos, technical specifications, description

For Sale: A good old B model Mack truck. Mack rear end.