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Office shed with bike storage

Office shed with bike storage

This stunning garden office with bike shed was built for a freelance photographer who required office space plus ample storage for all his kit.

The New Pink Kitchen is Not What You'd Expect

The New Pink Kitchen is Not What You'd Expect

Moscow-based Crosby Studios is inspired by classical Roman architecture, Japanese interiors, and Scandinavian minimalism — basically anywhere but Russia.

Design studio Tomogram has designed a playful collection of toys made of various materials, shapes, and colour combinations. Kids can build their own figure and create multiple combinations. To have the choice of assembly and disassembly of the various parts, and painting will be a powerful tool for your children to express individuality and through a simple creation, can change it into their own toy.

Tomogram, a Designer Toy to Spark your Child's Creativity

The 'Tomogram' toy creates a new wave of lathe-made toys with an unusual aesthetic, it comes in a fresh and delicious palette of colors that are absolutely new to the lathe toy industry. READ MORE at Yanko Design !

+ Open plan design studio with chalkboards for brainstorming.

I've noticed a lot of the collaborative spaces in offices incorporate large spans of chalkboard. Open plan design studio with chalkboards for brainstorming.

Isfahan, at all times, has been a garden city, however, nowadays only a few gardens have survived. During the development of the city, beautiful gardens have...

Image 13 of 20 from gallery of Villa 131 / Bracket Design Studio. Photograph by Farshid Nasrabadi

Samples mixed in with inspiration pics

We were asked to showcase our work at tonight's event in Seattle! We created this beautiful presentation board to show off our firm's interiors.

She danced all night...and all the way home...

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Cute apartment interior design

Studio Apartment Interior Design With Cute Decorating Ideas

Although minimalistic studio apartment styles might seem easier to coordinate, there& limit to the creativity that a constricted space can inspire.