Jenson Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural <3 One of my FAVORITE actors!

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Dean Winchester Más

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This man is beautiful. Just can't put it any other way.

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Jensen at Dallascon16 profile

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Dean Winchester, ladies and gentlemen.

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Dean Winchester timeline.

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Repining again....cuz hot damn. I've never been more jealous of a pen in my life

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Whether it's with my actual brother or my best guy friend, I want a relationship like theirs

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Quote from Supernatural 12x05 │ Sam Winchester: So what are you thinkin’, scrambled or fried? Dean Winchester: I’m not really hungry right now. Sam Winchester: Y-you’re not that… How about some pie? Dean Winchester: Maybe later. Kind of in the middle of something. Sam Winchester: All right, dude, something’s wrong.

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Jensen Ackles, supernatural, and dean winchester image

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